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These songs represent the feelings that the daughter, Jing-mei, has had throughout her life Her struggle is that of a young girl growing up and trying to find her own sense of identity.

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Tan addresses the issues of the inequality given women in other cultures, different cultures' expectations of women, abortion, friendship, generation gaps between mothers and Two Kinds vs. This touchingly beautiful narrative not only tells a story, but deals with many of the issues that we have discussed in Women Writers this semester. Kim," written by Carol Roh-Spaulding. Unlike her mother, Tan did not believe she could be anything special but herself Showalter The conflict results in a rebellious independence. At last, a few others identify themselves by their significant actions they have done. The story is about Waverly trying to tell her mother that she is getting married to a American man named Richard. The mother hires a teacher that lives in their apartment building. In the show, there are four geeks who all have their PHDs and all do wacky things. Instead of giving instruction of how to solve a family issue, the author chooses to write a narrative diary containing her true feeling toward events during her childhood, which offers reader not only a clear account, but insight on how the narrat They have been the ones we can count on when there was no one else. Thus this "battle of wills" between mother and daughter sets the conflict of the story

It is also a story of internal racial tension, not in the sense of prejudice, but internal racial conflict that exists inside Jing-mei as the battle between what she is by nature and what she is by birth. We strive to make our children's futures better.

In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, a boy takes an incredible voyage down the river, representing life's journey. In the following short stories, the daughter becomes everything the mother wished for, but meanwhile, the daughter becomes more American like and loses her Chinese values Her troubles are compounded by her mother, who convinces her that she can become someone important.

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Jing-mei's mother wants her daughter to be the best, a prodigy of sorts, and to have the kind of life, full of hopes and dreams that she did not have. The mothers of the story all want their daughters to never have to go through the struggles they themselves had to go through, yet they are disappointed when their daughters grow up and do not exhibit the respect or strength of their mothers.

She is the author of different novels including children books, essays, and memoir.

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