Swear words in chinese writing alphabet

Swear words in chinese writing alphabet

And just like in english, trash can refer to people in an insulting way i. Use of Pinyin acronyms is a strategy for expressing taboo language on the Chinese Internet. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 23 4 , Method This investigation aims to determine: 1 what the functions are of Pinyin acronyms; 2 whether the use of Pinyin acronyms has become conventionalized, namely whether they are consistently associated with certain interpretations by Chinese Internet users; and 3 to what extent these acronyms have extended to another domain of language use, i. Although almost half of them Pinyin input transcribes Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet; however, it does not provide any indication of their tone. Chen, Z. Figure Especially when it involves eggs.

Herring, Acknowledgment I am truly grateful to Professor Susan Herring for her generous and detailed feedback on earlier drafts of this article. In general, it has the equivalent meaning and connotation as the English word.

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I understand that I will remain completely anonymous and that my identity will not be revealed to a third party. References Allan, K.

TMD, as it can be written online.

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Li, W-C. Pinyin as a Romanized system that represents the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese is distant from the Chinese writing system, which is fundamentally logographic and does not attempt to represent the sounds of logograms. Pinyin input transcribes Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet; however, it does not provide any indication of their tone. Chen, Z. Thus, by using Pinyin acronyms, Mandarin-speaking Internet users are able to express certain Chinese phrases within limited space and time constraints during CMC. Want to learn more Chinese for free? Battistella, E. Palfreyman and Khalil , in their study of instant messaging by young Arabic speakers, explains that the adoption of Latin script in Arabic CMC is due to the fact that the use of Arabic characters was not widely supported by keyboards, computers, operating systems, and servers at the time. It simply means "trash". This is also an effective way to learn how to swear in Chinese with a friend so that the both of you can swear back and forth at each other. Efficiency was one of the main reasons mentioned when the respondents were asked why they used the Pinyin acronyms. You must click the link in the email to verify your request.

Baron, N. Thurlow, Email, Internet, chatroom talk: Pragmatics.

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Another study that analyzed acronym frequency online was conducted by Viberg , who reports the use of a set of CMC-typical acronyms — taken from prior studies and from Crystal , p. Palfreyman, D. Apparently, there is also a very popular Chinese song by the same name by the artist Jackie Xue. Especially when it involves eggs. Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters. Literally, within the past 15 years, the character bi has disappeared from Chinese keyboard settings. Use the words. Thank you! Under that scenario, Internet users would not have to personally use Pinyin acronyms in order to store them in mind. You catch my drift?

So, practice your Mandarin tones whenever you can. From statistical panic to moral panic: The metadiscursive construction and popular exaggeration of new media language in the print media.

The numbering at the top right refers to the item number in the questionnaire. Zhou, N-J.

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The utility and ubiquity of taboo words. The main reason for this appears to be the atheism of the Chinese culture. English Today, 18 3 , Chinese language processing. Linguistic ruin? However, if you are interested in learning the history behind it click here. The use of a number of Pinyin acronyms has become conventionalized on the Internet in Mainland China. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 25 ,
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Chinese Swear Words