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Ruby bridges character study

What did Mrs. Bring the class back together to discuss their Group Charts. Ruby describes her first day at William Frantz as easy. The other teachers made comments about her or refused to speak to her. She had a white teacher named Mrs. Read and discuss the different comments and how they relate to the type of glasses each person is wearing. Ruby was sad to leave Mrs. She thought it was strange, but she enjoyed having Mrs. She liked her teacher Mrs. But her experience in teaching at William Frantz made her lonely and upset. For example, only girls were allowed to eat their lunch in the cafeteria while the boys had to eat their lunch outside no matter what the weather was like. As a group, students should discuss their reasons behind choosing their word and then explain it to the rest of the class. Why do we study Ruby today? Activities Take a ten question quiz about this page. Henry would always be her teacher.

She has a website that you can visit at www. Divide the class into the five assigned groups and tell them which student is the leader.

ruby bridges character study

Her parents were sharecroppers, meaning they farmed the land, but didn't own it. Or, children who were left handed had to attend a different school from those right-handed children.

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Reinforce what the meaning of equality is. She thought it would be hard. Direct students to individually complete the Ruby Bridges Anticipation Guide printable.

ruby bridges writing prompts

Ina statue of Ruby was unveiled outside the William Frantz School.

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Ruby Bridges Writing Prompt