Kraft wrapping paper

Blind packaged orders will come in a regular box. You can attach it to the packaging by a string or tape as it is, or spray paint it white, silver or gold. Try out printing a pattern or drawing it yourself on a larger, A3 size paper, which you then cut out in smaller, gift tag size pieces. From lightest to darkest in colour, the stocks we offer are: White Kraft Light Beige Kraft Brown Kraft The PT Points value of the paper represents the thickness — the higher the number the thicker the paper.

The small lace patterned cake papers look cute and are perfect for writing. Give your customers the extra touch of service with personalised Wrapping Paper for your products: Art and craft stores.

Also adding cone pines to the string is a great idea.

Colored kraft wrapping paper

The hottest trend of the season! What paper is the Wrapping Paper printed on? The white dotted pattern is simple to produce with a pencil and a white, green, red or black ink pad. The colours are effected by the colour of the paper being printed on to such as Ivory, Beige and Brown Kraft. We have a range of different thickness's and colours for our Wrapping Paper products. The uncoated property of the paper also means that colours do no appear as vibrant when compared with a coated print. Combining photographs, winterly greens and craft paper makes a stunning combination, and I believe anybody would be touched to receive something so beautifully put together. What sizes are available for Wrapping Paper? Of course there is the classic combination of craft paper with monochrome. You can purchase in lengths of 25, 50, , , or feet. Coloured stocks such as Brown, Light Ivory Beige will affect how colours appear when printed.

If for you craft wrapping paper simply feels too plain for the holiday festivities, why not try making a pattern or print on it. We have a range of different thickness's and colours for our Wrapping Paper products.

brown wrapping paper target

How many colours can I have printed?

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Kraft Wrapping Paper Roll, Natural