How to write a good craigslist garage sale ad

With so much activity, you'll want to make sure your own posting gets noticed.

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Create a new post by copying all the information from the first one, then delete the original post so only your new ad shows up -- once again at the top of the page.

According to Craigslist, its postings receive 20 billion page views a month. Craigslist allows you to upload photos for your listing, and we suggest using 4-photos for your TV.

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Look at other Craigslist ads to check the pricing of similar items and make sure your asking price is comparable. Log onto Amazon and look at what the product currently retails for new. Don't worry. Have you ever posted an ad on Craigslist? Conversely, if the viewer of your ad wants a cloth sofa, and sees your description as leather, he will not waste his time--or yours--and move on. If you choose not to remove the ad, you can expect to receive calls or emails about the listing for a few weeks afterward. An effective Sub Heading is going to encourage the customer to respond to your ad, and provide them with instructions on how to do that.

Some things might require an extensive description, or a lot of persuasive copy. My sales copy could have been better in this case, but it was still effective. I sell things on Craigslist occasionally; I've sold small items, like furniture and appliances, and big-ticket items, like boats and motorcycles.

The Posting Description, which creates the ad Body, is what is shown after the ad is clicked in the search results. The Sub Heading, and why it works If you're interested in purchasing this sofa, please call David Why is this a good sub heading?

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You can do all sorts of great stuff on this site. How to follow up your new, beautiful, effective, Craigslist ad The follow up to your ad is where you actually make the sale.

How to write a good craigslist garage sale ad

Use the description to promote your deal, and avoid time wasters. Extra Tips for Advertising on Craigslist After your advert is ready to publish, we recommend that you look into these additional tips to ensure your safety during the transaction. I'm going to list and describe the basic elements of a good Craigslist ad. I have included orange highlights to help identify the elements we're discussing in this tutorial. Make sure that you clean the TV thoroughly before taking the pictures. Don't write fluff. In this case, not everyone who wants to buy a sofa has the ability to transport it. The same goes for event postings. I'm not good at stuff like this The posting title is the headline customers will see when they're browsing for products. Some local municipalities offer "safe zones" at police departments for Craigslist sales.

Craigslist does not allow you to post the same ad more than once, but there is a way to move it back to the top if you find it's been buried. While Craigslist is excellent for selling the TV, take your coins to a gold dealer or specialist for valuation and sale.

In the marketing world we call this a "Call to Action," but all that basically is, is a command, suggestion, or instruction to the potential buyer, informing them on how to respond.

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Add location specifics Stating your town and address is important, as mentioned above, but with online ads, you can be even more specific. For example, if you're having a garage sale, list the types of items available for purchase. At the bottom of the ad creation interface you will see a button that says "continue. Join Opinion Outpost. Only accept cash for the deal, and never give your bank account details or credit card information to any prospective buyer. What do I write here? Next we're going to discuss specific techniques you can use to create each one of these sections. Be specific This is the key to a successful yard sale ad. We recommend that you deliver the TV if the buyer is in your local area.

Don't forget the obvious details either.

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Tips for Posting on Craigslist