House cleaning service business plan

The sales projection is based on information gathered on the field and some assumptions that are peculiar to similar startups in Atlanta — Georgia. Are the windowsills, ledges and blinds dusted?

The second customer group is comprised of a select number of people from the first group with an interest in becoming distributors of the cleaning products.

The plan is usable for all types of residential and commercial cleaning ventures including franchise operations such as Maid2clean, Belle Casa, Molly Maid, Ovenclean and Chem-Dry carpet cleaning.

People want their homes and offices to look good from both the inside and the outside.

cleaning services business plan pdf

You can use our feature in LivePlan, or do the business validation on your own using this guide. Budgeting and forecasting The most important reason to use business plan software is your budgeted financials.

Earthly Clean is finalising a contactual agreement with a major cleaning supply manufacturer for the production of a complete line of private label products. The company exists to distribute environmentally friendly cleaning supplies through an efficient, networking distribution system.

The Janitorial Services industry has a low level of market share concentration. Think carefully about your cash flow and use software to forecast cash. It is on the verge of market wide acceptance as more and more people are participating in activities that take into account environmental impacts.

Include written procedures in your business plan.

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(DOC) Maids Business Plan Cleaning Services