Ethics and financial reporting

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Third, is the assumption that accountant use objectivity when recoding financial information. Google Scholar Devine, C.

Unethical financial reporting

Give us a call! Some financial experts argue that this is unethical, because companies that do this are essentially misrepresenting their assets and liabilities. Preview Unable to display preview. If poor documentation is being kept about the financial outlook of an organization, a reporter may feel pressure to come up with an estimate. The accountants who do financial reporting should be expected to act in the highest standards of legal and ethical business conduct. This short-term focus on company finances is sometimes known as "myopic management. Google Scholar Paton, W. This legislation allows for harsh penalties for manipulating financial records, destroying information, interfering with an investigation and provides legal protection for whistle-blowers. Lee and R. Has any study been undertaken to evaluate ethics in such a situation? While there has been significant discussion about the roles of both internal and external auditing in these cases of financial misrepresentation, little has been said about the role of the corporate communication professional. By early May of , Ebbers resigned his post as CEO, declaring that he was "1, percent convinced in my heart that this is a temporary thing. For example, a hospital nurse could be using hospital supplies to take home to care for a loved one. Now the accounting profession is in the midst of a challenging time.

I believe regulatory environment was even more responsible, with corporate governance leading the way. But, they may be able to keep the investors they currently have, putting out a rapid fire in the end. Customers, as well, may be entitled to know whether your company is financially healthy if they enter into transactions that depend on its longevity.

Google Scholar Horngren, C. Executive Focusing Another ethical concern for the healthcare industry lies in the organization becoming too focused on the executive.

Marhall, D. Google Scholar Benston, G. Google Scholar Burton, J.

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Ethics should include these things: to combat faking the numbers find misappropriation of assets beat wrongful disclosure and executive focusing creating a chain of command Ethics is a no-brainer for most people.

It could very well be a patient in your care.

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Google Scholar Walters, R.

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What Is an "Ethical Issue" in Financial Accounting?