Dark knight philosophy

The relationships between megacities are becoming more important than those between nation-states. Surveillance is the darkest power.

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This is the essence of his psychological warfare, tricking an adversary into inadvertently defeating himself. Two thumbs way up! In The Dark Knight, the Joker declares victory whenever he succeeds in provoking someone to dispense with their ethics and join him in his embrace of pure hatred: such transformations prove his point that people are only as good as circumstances allow them to be. The Dark Knight Begins Superhero stories pose an often overlooked dilemma for democratic societies. Plato argued that rule by Philosopher Kings would be a much less messy system than democracy. There is a force in this world that wants to change people into their image, in order for their victims to believe in what they believe in. We may be witnessing here a significant shift in superhero cinema perhaps as part of a shift in cinema generally : a turn away from simplistic narratives toward representations of more complex realities. Although Bruce struggles with questions about the propriety of his crime-fighting in a democratic society, such concerns are rather irrelevant for the charismatic villain of The Dark Knight, the Joker, sinisterly and superbly portrayed by the late Heath Ledger. Indeed, the impulse to rebel can march ominously in two directions; one toward totalitarianism, the ultimate state of order; and the other toward anarchy, the ultimate state of chaos. You can become a criminal. Thus, Batman is criticized repeatedly by the citizens of Gotham for his illegal and destructive behavior, and they continue to ask themselves if he is really combating crime or practicing and provoking it. Batman, of course, has a solution that's no better. This motif of The Dark Knight harshly captures the truth that so much of life and one could easily believe all of life is governed by mindless chance. Batman has no rules.

He has no obvious rational desires, no respect for human life, and no boundaries. He also forces people to make impossible choices where they either become barbarians like himself or face death.

This is also the moment when Batman realizes that he has become the bad guy, and takes on the mantle of Dark Knight.

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Most morality tales depict a simple world where a clearly defined struggle between good and evil plays out, where recognizably good values do not conflict with one another, and where the unjust are punished and the righteous rewarded. He falls much harder than the criminal overlords of Gotham do, losing his sanity as well as his social position, because idealism makes people more vulnerable than greed does. For example, in addition to engaging in torture, he builds a phone surveillance system to locate the Joker, despite the glaring violation of civil liberties that comes from listening in on the telephone calls of everyone in the city. Hatred, however, can make us feel strong … When we choose to hate, we discover that, by hating, we overcome our own disappointment at ourselves. The Joker has unquestionably chosen the latter path. Partly, he reasons, the city needs this because vigilante justice is not justice see 1. Advertisement 5. While society pits the Joker and Batman against each other, the Joker proclaims that they are actually two sides of the same chaotic coin. Batman decides that Gotham City needs a "hero with a face" more than the truth. And is his behavior ultimately self-defeating? Idealism is easier to corrupt than greed. Joker haunts Batman because, as he might say, freaks attract freaks.

We are all social determinists now. As Batman, Bruce has to be wary of the inescapable temptation to amass and maintain excessive power. Partly, he reasons, the city needs this because vigilante justice is not justice see 1.

Dark knight philosophy

No trial is held, but defendants are sentenced to exile or death. Is he putting too much faith in the judicial system to have criminals tried and sentenced?

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The revealing difference with the Joker is that he is a terrorist uncloaked of any ideological shroud: there is no ultimate doctrine for which he fights.

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